Amtgard is a sport, a live-action roleplaying game, a social club and a lifetime experience.  Created in Texas in 1983, Amtgard has grown rapidly and now boasts not only thousands of members in the continental United States, but also thirtheen groups based across the border in the Great White North.

Using a unique, safety-conscious combat system, Amtgard provides for an exciting way to get fresh air and exercise for anyone over the age of fourteen years. There are dozens of skills to be learned through the society, from sewing to leatherworking to cooking for large groups. As the group is run on an entirely volunteer basis, every aspect is run by active players who are always willing to share their knowledge.

Canadians can currently explore the game in several parks across Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba. This website reflects the parks located in Ontario - Their facebook pages are all listed below.

Interested in starting a group in your hometown?  All the information you need is right here.

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Combat is a big part of Amtgard  Each week we roam the hills and fields to battle!  With sword and spell in hand we embark on adventure!  However, it takes more than fighing prowess to win.   Teamwork and tactics also play important roles.
We all develop a different persona when we start amtgard.  But further that we create quests which often call for a set of unique characters; from senile wizards to rampaging minotaurs, our players act them out for all to see.
Amtgard is a great place to unleash your creative engery - it's not ALL combat!  While many create swords and armour for use in game, others make beautiful clothing or delicate jewlery.  Some perform ballads and sonnets while others write stories or poetry.  The possibilities are endless.
A new player can be easily overwhelmed their first time at Amtgard.  The rules can be difficult to digest and with so many areas of specialty to explore, it's easy to see why.  Many experiences players are happy to teach what they know to those interested in learning.  Some teach one on one and others will teach a group. 
It's going to happen.  People get together, people argue.  Difference of opinions are voiced and disputes happen.  But through it all, thick or thin, at the end of it we remember that we are friends.  We don't play this game to win awards, but for the camaraderie we share.
Amtgard is home to a variety of people who contribute to this great game of ours.

Find our facebook pages here:
Northern Empire Bellhollow Falcon's Rest Felfrost Lichwood Grove
Linnagond Silva Urbem Twilight Peak White Stone Valley Wolvenfang